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Orgamax super Slow on user desktop

Verfasst am: 11.03.2022 [18:46]
Dear All
Sorry, my german writing is not good, so please let me explain in English.
I just bought Orgamax business and install it on my dedicated server with a dedicated IP address. Then I installed Orgamax user computer and connect to Orgamax on the server via the Internet - But when I open Orgamax on the user's computer, it takes a lot of time to log in and load data some time it takes 5 minutes to load "Progammdateien werden geladen" - and nearly impossible to use OM over the internet. What's happened?
- I configurated the firewall as in OM instruction on both server and user's computer

- Is it because my internet on the server slows? or the internet of the user's computer is slow?

is there any solution?
Note: I tried Remote Desktop to connect from the User's computer to the server and it work fine - the speed of Remote Desktop is fast, not so much delay.

Verfasst am: 14.03.2022 [10:23]
Hi Philip,

unfortunately I have to say that Remote Desktop is the only way to use orgaMAX over the internet. I brought this topic up a while ago and it seems like there are tons of data transmitted so any internet connection slows it down to a degree where it is unusable. I don't understand the problem as there is a server that processes database operations and only the requests and results should be transmitted which in most cases is a very tiny amount of data. But there is a lot I don't understand in orgaMAX , as well from a user's and from a software developer's point of view.

Best regards

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